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Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge

“It takes wisdom to build a house, and understanding to set it on a firm foundation; It takes knowledge to furnish its rooms with fine furniture and beautiful draperies.” Proverbs 24:3-4 from “The Message” It has often been said that … Continue reading

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Shaker Style Workbench Details

As promised in a prior post, I have put together a document with photos and commentary on my Shaker-style workbench.  The link to the document is here.  (If this link is not highlighted, please click on the above blog post … Continue reading

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Current Status and Future Plans

In a previous post I had noted that my wife and I were planning to build a retirement home in the town of Knox, Maine in the not too distant future.  Building a retirement home does not, however, mean that … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans…

It’s true!  The best laid plans don’t always turn out as expected.  As the economy continued to lag three years ago, I put my woodworking business into a state of ‘hibernation’ (see ‘Woodworking and Hibernation’) and invested a considerable amount … Continue reading

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Hibernation Ends!

Quality furniture is always a good investment, but in uncertain economic times most people choose to defer purchases, including furniture.  In the Spring of 2011 the impact of deferred spending on my woodworking business was significant enough that I decided … Continue reading

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Shaker Furniture and Design

Shaker furniture first caught my attention about 35 years ago with the publication of Thomas Mosers “How To Build Shaker Furniture.”  I built a few items from that book for my own use.  Since then I have accumulated perhaps two … Continue reading

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“Centers” create the “Whole”

In my last post on “Unfolding a Design” I noted how a relatively complex piece of furniture can be “unfolded” from relatively simple shapes to create the “whole.”  Each unfolding creates a new center which supports existing centers and sets … Continue reading

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Details Matter – Cutter heads and hand molding planes

Details Matter – they matter in the natural world around us, and they matter in the things we make.  Molding profiles are a good example. Recently I’ve been experimenting with some antique molding planes; some are are termed “complex” because … Continue reading

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“Unfolding” a Design

In my last post I noted how a complex piece of furniture like a traditional highboy is often composed of shapes that are relatively simple (like a 1:2 rectangle.)  After reflecting on this piece a bit further, I realized that … Continue reading

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Good Shapes, Good Proportions, Good Design.

Quoting from a prior post: “The challenge in making really good furniture is to first get the overall shape right.  Once that is done, the path toward getting the details right is sure to follow.  I think the basics of … Continue reading

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