Photos from week 6 (February 20-25)

The island is now in place and wired and the kitchen is more or less ready for countertops.


The big news of the week is that the stairs to the basement (crawl space technically) are completed, making access for other work much better.


The upstairs “build-down” of the sloping portion of the room with I-beams on edge is nearly completed (more than this photo shows) and the vents along the slope are also nearly completed and sealed with tape.



As of Friday,  I’ve was able to start the framing of the upstairs walls for which we are responsible.  We will also have to do the wiring, drywall (to be hired out!), etc. in preparation for insulation by the contractor.



While the crew has been working upstairs, I’ve completed most of the wiring hookups in the basement and made significant progress on installing the CVAC system.


The “Polar cave” ice is much diminished everywhere and the pile of ice in front of the heater is disappearing fast (and I don’t think anyone is going to miss it!)  The heating contractor has all four interior mini-split units nearly roughed in, and we should have heat in perhaps another 2 weeks, although the house is tight enough to do most anything inside on a reasonably sunny day.


The thick ice on the garage slab is also nearly gone, but not very visible in the photo. The garage windows go in tomorrow as well as the final wrapping of the garage along with sealing up the rest of the house exterior in the next couple of days.