Photos from week 5 (February 13-18)

Snow was the primary feature of week 5.  The 24 hour storm/blizzard on Monday made travel impossible and left us with about 18″ of snow to clear (which essentially took the crew all of Tuesday to clear even with assistance from our snowblower.)


By Wednesday the crew began working on the vent baffles in the roof, but the second storm on Wednesday night into Thursday cancelled most work on Thursday except for cleanup.  Because of the timing of the storms and the days available to our HVAC guy, nothing at all was able to happen with the mini-split heating system this week.


The melting of the Polar Cave is ongoing.  Tristan and Judy are largely responsible for getting a lot of the ice directly in front of the heater which is run any time anyone is around.  Much work was accomplished on the kitchen cabinets including Tristan and I moving the island into position so it can now be wired in (photo is not yet available.)   I tied together a lot of other wiring  (as evidenced by the massive bundle of cables coming into the panel) while some of the cleanup of snow was underway.