Photos from week 4 (February 6-10)

Nearly all of the work has had to be interior due to either snow or very cold temperatures. We have some temporary heat in the basement thawing out the Polar Cave, and the house now has permanent power.  The upstairs isn’t yet closed in tight enough to gain any meaningful heat.

Front hall bookcase minus shelves, facing, paint, etc. installed on the only warm day of the week.


Ell door is in also done on the warm day after several days of delay since it was too cold to use caulk, etc.


A proposed window jamb design for only the windows in the front rooms of the house.  It is based roughly on an early colonial jamb sometimes used with thick walls.


The main kitchen cabinets are now fastened in place with the island yet to be moved in which may happen sometime next week.  There is one more set of cabinets to build to the left that house the fridge and freezer with some storage above them and one small upper cabinet to the right of the sink.