Photos from week 12, April 6-15

Some plumbing has been hooked up, and the well pump has been started to flush out the well and disinfect it.  Once the insulation is completed water will be allowed in the house pipes to check for any problems before the remaining drywall is completed.


The Roxul insulation has been added to the internal walls upstairs in preparation for drywall work.





The skylight openings were cut out and the skylights installed early this week.  They dramatically increase the amount of light in the upstairs rooms and staircase.



The third skylight was delayed until the first two were completely finished.



Some kitchen cabinet doors have been added while others are waiting for their knobs.


The house in Thorndike is on the market with several showing in the first week.


The internet lines were originally routed to the main electrical panel, but in retrospect, it made more sense to re-route them to an area in the basement near the stairwell where they can be tied together with a wireless router which in this central location should serve most of the house along with a fast switch to tie the other wired lines together.


A “ships ladder” like stair has been added to the garage.  While it is narrow, it provides easy access to the garage attic space. It will shortly get a ships ladder style railing, and the window needs to have a plexiglass cover added since it is not tempered glass.


The remaining garage doors are in place, and the garage wiring is fully completed.



The presence of the stairs makes moving additional stuff over the garage much more feasible.


The kitchen ell is now wired has been insulated except for the ceiling which will remain uninsulated until the masonry work is completed.



One of our “crew” worked with his son for about 8 hours on Saturday to complete the rest of the cellulose insulation work.


The hall bookcase and pantry cabinets and shelves have been painted although the face frames are still low priority as they do not affect the usefulness of the bookcase or pantry.




The list of items to be completed by the contractor is rapidly shrinking and they hope to have all but some minor followup work completed by the end of next week although the drywall contractor for the upstairs and finishing between the modules will need at least an additional week.

While the drywall contractor is working inside, I hope to get the garage door trimmed in preparation for the garage door, and perhaps some additional preparation for siding (which is not a high priority yet.)  After that, hooking up the remaining plumbing, interior painting, floors, and staircase remain before requesting an occupancy permit so we could move in whenever we are ready.