Photos from October-November Interior Architectural Work

A collection of interior photos showing work, mostly still in progress…

Simon, the newest resident (since July), very handsome, friendly, and (if not sleeping!) helps with most work inside the house.


Interior upstairs windows, hall light, and stair bookcases still needing facing and tops.


Some upstairs hall flooring has been put down, but not yet nailed or fully finished, to facilitate work on the stair balustrade.


Most door casings are in place, some painted, and most of the doors have been made and hung, mostly only partially painted at this point.


Staircase and associated bookcases.  The balusters are Amish in origin (from while the handrail is similar to the one created for the back staircase in our Newfields, NH house, but with an added hollow for better grasping (we are getting older!) which was made with an antique hollow plane (one of many also shown below).  Various of these planes have been used to make trim details that aren’t as easily done by router bits.




There is much more work to be done on the staircase, including beaded wide pine walls, skirts, treads, and risers.  All but the treads will be painted.



The living room hallway builtin has been faced with cherry, and shelves have been added with lower drawers and upper doors to come (sometime…)


Detail of trim for the living room which is the most complex trim for the interior.  Other spaces range from simple beaded casings to some simpler variations on the living room trim.  The center portion of the trim has been made using an antique “Stanley 55” plane which does a very credible job provided that the pine is very uniform and straight grained.  I recently found that Lee-Valley now has router bits that are identical to many of the cutters that came with the original Stanley 55 plane, and since it is very difficult to get boards suitable for the 55, much of the remaining center portions will be made by router bit and glued in place.



Downstairs bookcase is completed except for a finish coat of paint.


The organ now has more permanent speakers, four on this wall and four on the opposite wall.  With the speakers up high, the sound quality is amazingly good given the relatively small room size.


Front door casings (another variation on the living room casings), and the french door to the study which needs only flooring, chair rails, and baseboards to be essentially completed.




We have an unexpected view of the skyline of hills toward Belfast and south which are normally hidden by tree leaves in the summer.


Frost finally killed the peas and barley cover crop in the garden area.  With all the warm weather, it was beginning to look like we might have a harvest of peas (welcome), and barley (not so welcome, since it would self-seed itself for the spring!)


Pine and oak in the workshop waiting to be milled and used in the house (with some additional supplies in the garage.)



Boards partially milled and being allowed to fully dry before making the builtins drawers.


The furniture sign is on the shop, mostly as a “sign” of things to come after the house is more complete…



The garage doors are in place for the winter.


Flooring lumber acclimating inside the kitchen ell.  We’ve heard nothing from the original (or backup) mason on the fireplace schedule.