Photos from May 15-June 16


Beginning work on the trim which will be all Azek (PVC).  In spite of the increased initial cost, opinion on using it has been universally “just do it”  because of its long-life, no rot qualities.  It is not as much fun as wood to work with (heavy, floppy, static-clinging dust and shavings, PVC glue in some situations), but it is very uniform and the pieces are long (16-20′).  The new orange ladder was a requirement for height and safety for me to do the exterior trim.


The front and back of the house have been strapped using 4″ long screws through the exterior foam in preparation for siding.


The first gable end completed which was the most difficult due to the area where the ell roof starts and made ladder placement difficult to impossible.


Detail of corner trim.  The PVC trim is being nailed with traditional nails to avoid a totally “plastic” look on a reproduction house.  (There are special fasteners available now that use a PVC plug to fill each hole giving a totally pristine surface.)



The door surround on the front of the house was also done in all PVC.




The mailbox that was purchased about 2 or more years ago is finally in use.