The photos below are per the 1/6/17 e-mail from NEH.


Damage to upstairs CVAC line (there were more pieces that were apparently cleaned up sometime before the photo.  It looked like perhaps someone just stepped on the pipe during the set.)  Repair of this item should not be difficult requiring just an elbow and short length of pipe.



I set the shower unit that was shipped loose as close as possible to its final position for these photos.  The shower unit that was shipped is as specified in the plans, but it looks like the rough plumbing might have been done for a different tub/shower unit.


It’s possible that the hot and cold supply lines can be shifted enough to enter the wall that will be on this side of the shower unit, but the drain will have to be moved.


Detail showing the distances from the west wall


As soon as we have a plumber on-site I will have him estimate the cost to fix these two items.