Current Status and Future Plans

In a previous post I had noted that my wife and I were planning to build a retirement home in the town of Knox, Maine in the not too distant future.  Building a retirement home does not, however, mean that I have plans to retire from woodworking.  I have some long-term connections to the town of Knox since my great grandparents and grandparents were life-long residents there as farmers and store keepers.  My dad was born in Knox and lived there until his marriage after which he lived in the adjacent town of Thorndike. Just last week we closed on the sale of our home (and workshop) in New Hampshire and completed our move to Maine where we will be living in the house in which I grew up until our new house is completed (although I’ve come to realize that no house is ever really completed unless everything is contracted!)  For the next several months my workshop will consist of my workbench* and many boxes of hand tools until a new shop is completed.  Although I will be able to do some woodworking (and perhaps even complete a project I was unable to finish in NH), my focus will be on getting the new shop and house completed. It will also take some time to establish new relationships with retail galleries and stores in the area, but I see many good opportunities to be pursued, time permitting. In the interim, I hope to add some additional posts on furniture design continuing to build on some thoughts that began with a post on design from several years ago which have been developed further in a number of subsequent posts on design. I am thankful for the many years we had in New Hampshire and for the local clients I was able to serve there.  I continue to appreciate their interest in my work, and especially those clients for whom I was able to build multiple items.  I also I look forward to the woodworking possibilities in this new location.  There are many quality woodworkers in the central coastal area of Maine (some added as links on the right), and woodworking schools like the “Center for Furniture Craftsmanship” nearby in Rockland, ME that work to promote fine craftsmanship.  Stay tuned…

* Several other woodworkers have indicated an interest in my workbench and have asked if plans were available.  While it is unlikely that I will ever have a full working set of plans for the bench, I did take a number of detail photos when the bench was disassembled for moving and I hope to post some of them in the near future along with a more complete description of the bench that might be helpful to anyone wishing to build a similar bench.

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  1. Diana Calder says:

    Greetings Stuart, Good luck in your new location. I so much enjoy living with your creations and the wonderful energy they bring of their creator. Needless to say, I think of you often and wish you the very best. Diana

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