Hibernation Ends!

Quality furniture is always a good investment, but in uncertain economic times most people choose to defer purchases, including furniture.  In the Spring of 2011 the impact of deferred spending on my woodworking business was significant enough that I decided to place it in what I could only describe as a state of “hibernation.”*

During this time my business was very quiet and unable to respond to clients (since it was no longer covered by commercial insurance); however, I used this time to focus on design (see a series of posts starting with “The Shape of Things…”), rethinking my workshop and tool set (see “Will the Workshop Please Come To Order!”), and working on various other non-client woodworking activities including a class on hand molding planes.

As of November 1, I am happy to inform you that the time of hibernation has come to a close and I am ready to accept new work from clients.

Many sections of this website have been revised to reflect this new status and I invite you to re-explore the site and consider items that might enhance your life.  Please contact me for assistance in starting your next piece of fine furniture!  I look forward to working with you on the design and construction of an item that will satisfy you for many years to come!

* See “Woodworking and Hibernation” for the original post on hibernation.

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